Final Sculpture goes in.

With the weather on our side the week of 18th Sept saw two benches installed, and the final sculpture delivered and erected in the ground. Our thanks to Bonnybond civil engineers for their hard graft, and concrete, to secure the steel work to its proper position in the centre of the heart of trees


Working close to a deadline the permanent sculpture has been cut. It forms the pattern of a phoenix surrounded by a pattern which combines the shape of flames and leaves.Made of a special sheet steel called COR-TEN the work is currently silver but in time it goes to a rust brown colour.

At last planting starts!

After months of planning the first spade finally went into the soil on Friday March 18th. Our initial hope had been to involve sections of the public in planting the trees but the uncertainties with Covid in the past few months made it unclear if we could do this. Time was not on our side…